Theresa Stoppard, LMT

Whether recovering from an injury, looking for an accompaniment to an active lifestyle, desiring relaxation, or seeking an improved mind/body balance, I provide specialized bodywork, designed specifically for you and your needs. Through massage, we can work together to enhance your body awareness, improve postural imbalances, increase relaxation and aid you through the healing process. My goal as a therapist is to provide my clients with the exact massage they need and want. I also find it imperative to provide them with tools they can use to ensure their massage benefits last as long as possible. Through my extensive experience in medical, therapeutic, and oncology massage as well as a special interest in working with athletes and geriatric massage, I believe I have the tools to provide a well rounded, healing massage to my clients. First time clients please contact me via phone/text at (425) 496-6940 to schedule or please visit my website at Available on Friday in Bellevue.

Yuehua Miller

Do you have neck pain or back pain? She can definitely help you! Please call us and we can verify your massage insurance benefit for you. Most likely with one hour of massage you will only responsible for your co-pay which is a great deal!

Please call 425-495-6940 to schedule your next massage appointment with her! By the way she also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese!