Dr. Cheng is amazing! He diagnosed my problems by just feeling my spine on my first appointment, which was then confirmed by X-ray. I am coming here routinely for my spine adjustment treatment. Highly recommended

— Milton Y.

They deserve a 10-star rating! On Thursday, I went in for second adjustment and my first massage. I asked for a deep tissue massage and the therapist was able to apply just the right amount of pressure. For an entire hour, she was able to work on all the specific problem areas I have. She also stated that she has 12 years of experience! No wonder she’s so pro! I was so happy with her wonderful work that I willingly asked about package deals and purchased one for my father.

— Lisa L.

Dr. Cheng is great and EXTREMELY professional ! Very clean facility ! Top notch ! I highly recommend this place.

— Arturo L.

I had my first appointment at Active Spines with Dr. Cheng and it was so wonderful! I have been searching high and l low for help with the pain in my neck, head, and low back. Dr. Cheng spent so much time with me reviewing my records, taking x-rays, and then started treatment. I felt safe and relaxed. I finally was able to get that good relief I have been desperately searching for! I now am working with Dr. Cheng and my other doctors to keep my body from getting stiff, locked-up, and pins and needly. I have always incorporated Chiropractic in with my other doctors and working out. This is key for a well-rounded mind, body, spirit relationship I try to keep within my body so I can be ready for all that life sends my way! I can’t wait to go back. I find that he is a great communicator. He listened to me which helped with my visit. Some doctors want to just take over. So I thank you Dr. Cheng and your staff! Looking forward to my next visit and a future of healthy living! Great location on Bellevue Way with easy parking!

— Sara V.

After I had my daughter, my back was all out of sorts. Dr. Cheng did a great job getting me back on my feet with sound advice, exercises I could do at home, and thoughtful treatment.

— Katie

I have been to a number of Chiropractors and Dr. Cheng is the best. He is a true healer. Along with the adjustments, He worked with me on strength training and stretching exercises to maintain overall spinal health. I highly recommend Active Spines.

— Jim

Dr. Cheng is amazing! He does a great job explaining your injury and your limitations. He is very good at finding tender spots and being gentle when working on them. I even recommended my roommate go to Dr. Cheng after going to him for only a couple days. My roommate hates going to the doctor and he has no problem going to Dr. Cheng. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Cheng.

— Stacie

My experience here is excellent! I was referred by a friend who is a regular patient here. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a chiropractic as this was my first time having chiropractic EVER. I had a lower back/hip pain from (I believed) cracking myself back and needed help badly, so I gave it a shot.
During my first visit, Dr. Cheng gave me a tour and explained a method and process clearly. His personality and interpersonal skill made me comfortable with a treatment. Not very long; the pain had gone away. I was super happy!

Dr. Cheng helps his patients with care. You can tell he truly wants you to get better. During treatment series, I had an elbow injury from snowboarding. He also helped me adjust and gave me elbow treatment. I have to tell you he’s better than a physical therapist I went at that time and that I stopped going to PT.

Overall the service here is excellent and the doctor is awesome!

— Tanantha

Dr Cheng is great with his patients! Unlike most chiropractors where they get you in and out in 5-7 minutes – Dr Cheng spends times with you. Everytime before an adjustment he will always check to see where you’re tight before he proceeds. If he feels that area is too tense or you’ve just been an accident/injury & you’re in too much pain he won’t push it. He’d rather skip that adjustment and wait until that part of the body is ready to be adjusted.

I personally don’t like to be rushed through an exam so depending on what you need done – you’re in his office between 20-30 minutes. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Cheng to anyone whom needs chiropractic work!

This office also offers massage therapy and Keith is great!

— Julea W.

One word describes my experience at Active Spines Chiropractic: Awesome! I was referred by a friend and was hesitant based on my previous chiropractic experience. Visiting Dr. Cheng offered a total night and day experience (a good thing!).

During my first visit, Dr. Cheng gave me a tour of the office, explained the different types of treatment, and definitely made me feel comfortable about being in his care. I like the office, it has a sort of calming, relaxing feeling when you’re there. He took the time to explain how he would handle my case – making sure I fully understood the treatment process and what changes I should expect.

As far as treatment is concerned, I’ve never felt rushed during my visits. Prior to adjusting my back, Dr. Cheng takes me through a few different forms of physiotherapy: during the first few treatments it was cryotherapy (ice) but now heat and massage roller table (love it!), trigger point therapy, and then finally adjustment of my lower and upper back as well as my neck. He makes sure I’m comfortable during every process and checks if I’m feeling any pain (don’t worry, his treatment is totally pain free!!). Initially there was pain due to my condition, he was able to adjust treatment and make sure the adjustment didn’t cause additional discomfort.

I guess I should mention the part most people worry about. Costs. Dr. Cheng made sure to explain any insurance/co-pay in advance and no hidden surprises. During my first visit, he was having a promotional offer and based on my insurance coverage recommended the best option that would benefit me and still protect my wallet.

Highly recommended!! I’ve regained mobility and back into my jogging routine again. Thanks, Dr. Cheng!!

— Anne B.

Found this place thru a friend. Dr. Cheng took the time to get to know new patient, explained everything before he proceeded. My nagging back is already better after initial adjustment.

— Charles L.